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Hiring new people for your company is a massive pain. You need talented, relevant people for your most important internal positions. And if you’re good about […]

Plenty of people talk about shorter work weeks being conducive to higher productivity, but is that true? For decades, employees have been dreaming of working less […]

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the workplace, hastening the trend of remote work and compelling companies to adapt to a virtual environment. While remote work […]

As an HR manager, recruiter, or team leader, you’re going to be responsible for writing compelling job ads. When someone leaves, or when a new position […]

Today’s world is one that is largely digital and, with this, the threat of cybercrime is constantly on the rise. The number of companies affected increased […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help to speed up the process by automating some of the tasks that are traditionally done by humans, such as reviewing resumes […]

The hiring process can be long and drawn out, and oftentimes it feels like the only communication candidates receive is when they don’t get the job. […]

There is no question that women are a valuable asset in the workplace. In fact, companies that employ more women tend to be more successful. However, […]