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Work with an experienced team of "hands-on head hunters" sourcing the right candidate for your open job positions.

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Qualified Talent, At The Ready

Rather than spending time sifting through countless applications from unqualified candidates, you now have the ability to work with a professional staffing agency who has your best interest in mind.

Our remote talent staffing agency is a unique and progressive alternative to traditional staffing. Our specialty is finding the right candidate, not just anyone. We are a talent staffing agency that specializes in recruiting high caliber professionals. We understand that great people are the key to a company’s success and we specialize in finding those great people across many different industries and job functions.

With our permanent placement recruiting, we focus our efforts on matching your business with the best candidates to be with your company for the long-term. 

Why Quality Recruiting & Staffing Matters

Quality recruiting and staffing is our agency’s way of providing organizations with applicants to fill a long-term employment or contract position based on the company’s criteria. But finding quality employees that stay with your company has become increasingly difficult over the last several years.

According to the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics Report, the turnover rate in the United States was at 57.3%. And nearly 10.9 million people quit their jobs by December of 2021.

These numbers are a major reflection on a company’s financial losses through both on and offboarding processes.

So how do you get employees to stay with the company permanently or through the duration of their contract?

It all begins with searching for the right candidates for the position.

This is why companies are choosing to work with our staffing and recruiting agency. We spend our time focusing on the quality of potential candidates as permanent or contracted members of your team, saving our clients money, time, and resources.

How Our Staffing Agency Works

The goal of our professional staffing agency is to make the hiring process easier for every one of our clients. We focus our efforts by comibing the human element with expert data, research and candidate search capabilities.

We’ll start by learning about the position you’re looking to fill and what is most important to your company in terms of a candidate.

We’ll analyze both short and long-term goals as well as your company’s culture. Then we’ll curate a detailed listing for the position and being promoting it through our job seekers platform. 

Our agency will then begin assessing the skills and benchmarks of every candidate’s previous successes. This pre-vetting system through AI technology allows us to source the top 5% of talent for your organization. From there, we are able to expand your company’s reach while we facilitate connecting you with a short list of the best possible candidates for your open positions.

Your company will be able to continue with the interview process to determine whether or not you want to offer an applicant a permanent position. Once the position is filled, we’ll handle the rest. Everything including employee contracts, tax forms, and NDA’s will be taken care of before you begin onboarding your new permanent employee.

Now you’ll no longer have to spend weeks in search of applicants who could be a good fit. Instead, you’ll have access to professionals who you can guarantee would be a great fit in less time.

Our Goal Is To Support You In Your Recruiting Goals

Our agency believes in providing the best support for our clients. Regardless if you’re a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, our staffing agency is here to help you with your recruiting needs.
Every one of the company’s we work with will be assigned a designated account manager. They’re job will be to work with you one-on-one to provide you a personalized approach toward reaching your recruiting goals with top quality talent.

Get Started With A New Way to Help You Hire Full-Time

Stop wasting company resources on your company’s staffing issues. Get immediate access to full-time, contracted, and remote talent with our expert managed recruiting solutions. Now you can spend more of your company’s attention on the parts of your business that really matters. Talk with one of our expert recruiting managers to get started today.