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Your company needs to hire the best marketing professionals, but how should you do it? Many employers will post online job ads, put ads in the local paper, or maybe tell your staff to find a marketing pro in their Linkedin network.

But the old means of hiring quality candidates are dead. Today's top marketing talent is best sourced through qualified marketing recruiters who know how to source the perfect candidate for your open positions.

But are these the most efficient and effective ways to recruit marketing professionals? Most of us are busy operating our business and probably don’t need the assignment to find a new employee. Plus, marketing recruiting isn’t your main job, so you may not be able to devote the time and resources needed for success.

 That’s why it’s often so beneficial to hire a marketing recruiter or marketing staffing agency to bring new marketing talent to your office. 

Why Marketing Recruiting Services?

Recruiting the best marketing professionals for your business is central to its growth and success. Your business gets most of its strength from its workers – their knowledge, skills, tenacity, and creativity.

There are many important traits that successful marketing professionals have that may not be revealed in their resumes or through your existing hiring process. That’s the reason the work of your marketing recruiting agency is so important. Your marketing recruiter has the skills, experience, and focus to ensure your job descriptions, interviews and hiring questions help you find best marketing candidates for your open positions.

Finding The Best Marketing Candidates Leads To Growth

A company owner or manager may know what they want in a marketing employee, but they may lack the experience or skills to find them. They also may not be accustomed to bringing on new employees and don’t present the company in a way that will attract exceptional candidates from a large marketing talent pool. When your company doesn’t present the opportunities available in your company’s marketing department, your employee search may not be successful. Fortunately, marketing recruiting services avoid these problems and will locate the best marketing candidates so you can pick from the cream of the crop. The recruiter also will offer many details about your organization and the opportunities there to garner the interest of the best candidates.

Benefits Of Using Marketing Recruiting Services

A marketing recruiting service is a staffing agency that uses trained recruiters who stay on top of all the latest trends in various segments of the marketing industry. Their entire job is to constantly search for the most qualified and skilled marketing professionals. A marketing recruiting service uses many channels to find marketing talent, including social media such as LinkedIn, online job boards, emails, texts, phone, and more. These recruiters are highly skilled at working with the current marketing employment environment and know how to vet candidates to give you the best talent pool for your open marketing positions. Now, let’s review the huge benefits of relying on a marketing recruiting agency to find your next hire:

Enhances The Talent Pool By Targeting Passive Job Seekers

If you handle your own job search, you’re probably only going to have a talent pool of professionals who are actively looking for work. A marketing recruiting agency goes much further by expanding the search to passive job seekers. These marketing workers are probably employed at the moment and not particularly searching for a job. But if they’re presented the right opportunity by your recruiter, there’s a good chance they could be qualified candidates. Marketing recruiting agencies know that only 12% of the workforce is actively searching for a job, but most of the rest would be interested in learning about new opportunities.

Reduces Hiring Time

The marketing recruiting service you contract with has skilled recruiting professionals whose only job is to find you the best job candidates. Recruiters and staffing agencies always have a large talent pool of qualified marketing professionals they can pitch your opportunity to. This streamlined process speeds up the interviewing and vetting processes, so you’re likely to get the best person for the role faster.

Enhances Quality Of The Potential Hire

Most marketing recruiting companies are specialized in certain niches and industries, so they already have a line on some of the best talent in the field. Staffing agencies will usually know quickly which marketing candidates could be a good fit for your opportunity. Also, because the recruiter knows the talent pool well, including their strengths and weaknesses, there’s a better chance you will get someone who is perfectly suited to your role. This means the employee will be more productive and may stay in the role much longer.

Gives Your Company A Professional Appearance

If your organization is a startup, you probably don’t have recruiters in-house. By selecting a marketing recruiting service, your organization will always have a professional look during the interviewing process. This makes your organization more desirable in the eyes of the best marketing job candidates.

Marketing Recruiting Services Duties

Marketing recruitment agencies are contracted by companies to find the ideal marketing candidates. Some of the major duties of the marketing recruiter are:

● Pinpoints the best marketing and creative backgrounds to find the best talent pool for
your open roles.

● Targets passive job candidates that are currently working in marketing but aren’t looking
for work at the moment. The recruiter will contact them by phone, text, and email to
inform them about your opportunity.

● Motivates talented but passive candidates to check out your company and opportunity.

● Vets and screens marketing candidates so the company can focus their efforts on the
top, most qualified prospects. This will save your hiring manager a lot of time because
they don’t need to sift through dozens or hundreds of resumes.

Work With A Marketing Recruiting Service Today

Partnering with the top marketing recruiting agency can be a critical part of your company finding the best potential employees. Many say working with a high-quality recruiter is like having hiring managers and staffing agencies under your roof but with less overhead. When you work with a marketing recruiting service, you can focus your efforts on growing your company instead of finding new talent. The recruiter handles that work for you and provides you with a small group of the most qualified candidates. You’re sure to find the perfect marketing professional hire when you rely on marketing recruiting services to the locate your next employee.

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