Direct Placement Staffing & Recruiting Services

Are you looking for new full-time staff for your organization? Then you may want to consider direct placement staffing to find the best candidates for the long term. Let’s take a close look at what direct placement staffing is and why it could benefit your team.

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Direct Placement Staffing Overview

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Direct placement staffing, also known as direct hire staffing, is usually performed by a professional staffing company or a recruiter. Hiring in this way leads to the immediate placement of the worker on the payroll of the end client. Directly placement staffing usually involves full-time positions. 

Direct placement is different from temporary staffing and contract to hire because they are either for a short-term need or an evaluation period possibly leading to permanent employment. 

Contract to hire is usually for a longer term than temporary hire. It also gives more flexibility by providing the end client the chance to onboard the contractor after their contract expires. 

For both contract to hire and temporary staffing, the worker is being paid by the staffing agency instead of the end client

What Are Staffing The Benefits Of Direct Placement?

Direct placement staffing offers several benefits for the worker as well as the organization:

The Candidate Is Full time

From the first day of employment, the direct hire is on your company payroll on a full-time basis, which lets you avoid the higher costs that are usually associated with the contract-to-hire worker. This often means the worker has more buy-in to the goals and culture of your organization; these aspects can be more difficult when bringing in a contract or temporary employee who knows they may not be there in the long run. Employers who have bought into the organization and culture are often more effective and engaged in their work quickly, which leads to more longevity and increased worker productivity.

There’s More Stability

Bringing in a new employee takes a lot of work. When it’s done right, it can be challenging to find the ideal person to fit with the job and team. This can be even more problematic when your primary job isn’t hiring and retaining staff. Hiring with direct placement services means you have a dedicated team of professionals finding the best full-time candidate for your position. This often leads to a better hire who stays longer.

Saves Money

Losing and replacing employees can be expensive. Studies show that up to 85% of new job hires aren’t as good as the hiring manager hoped. Direct placement professionals are experienced in finding employees that are a good fit skill-wise and culturally. They also know how to find the red flags that could lead to a poor hire. If you’re considering a direct placements recruiter, make certain to ask if they have a replacement guarantee. Most high-quality staffing agencies feature a client satisfaction guarantee and will replace a worker at no cost if the organization decides they’re a bad fit within 60 days.

The Employee Has Benefits From Your Company

Looking for direct hire candidates means you may get better/top talent candidates who are attracted to the job because of your company's benefits. The benefits of hiring agencies may not be as robust as what your company offers full-time hires. Many good or right candidates want to get the best benefits possible and may prefer being hired full time by your firm.

The Candidate Integrates More Into Their Job And Other Employees

Temporary staffing is often at a quick pace. The idea is to get the right worker in the role as soon as you can. This is helpful for reacting to abrupt changes in workload, but there may not be as much of a chance for team development and training compared to hiring someone full- time. A direct hire is signing a contract with your organization for the long haul, so you can feel comfortable putting more time and money into their skill and professional development. Also, you can take the time to be sure the employee is the right culture fit for other people on the team. This all can bring a greater sense of camaraderie and commitment to the company and may reduce employee turnover.

Direct Hire Is More Appealing To More Candidates

Most people looking for work want a full-time job seekers instead of something part-time or contract basis. Some excellent job seekers/candidates will not consider working for an organization if it isn’t full- time. Using direct placement services means you’ll probably see more high-quality job seekers/ candidates apply for your position. This can make it easier to hire the best person.

What Is The Direct Placement Process?

When your organization needs direct placement hiring, you should contact a quality staffing agency. Then, they will find your next direct hire by following these steps:

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Orientation: This is the consulting phase where the hiring agency gets to know your organization, the job description, and what you’re looking for.

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Marketing: Creating effective advertisements to ensure you get a high-quality pool of full- time candidates.

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Sourcing: Tapping networks to find people who may be passively interested in a job change.

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Parsing: Reviewing a high number of resumes and worker profiles to slim down the top talent pool.

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Screening: Doing phone interviews and asking the questions the best recruiters ask to find the ideal candidates for your full-time position.

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Presenting: Giving you resumes, profiles, and recommendations about the best job candidates.

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Negotiation: After your company interviews the best direct hire candidates, the recruiter makes an offer and handles negotiation with the candidate as needed.

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Follow-up: The recruiter should continue to work with you and the job candidate after the hiring process is complete.

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Ready For Direct Placement Services?

Doing the screening and hiring in-house can cost your company a lot of time and money. Working with a direct placement staffing company means partnering with professionals who know how to find the best job candidates and get them hired for the long haul. Partnering with the best direct placement agency for your full-time hiring needs could the best recruitment decision you make this year.