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Healthcare workers are the backbone of every medical facility and office in the country. Whether it’s a hospital, doctor’s office, or urgent care facility, having the best healthcare professionals on hand is essential.

Our expert healthcare recruiters have worked with senior executives at numerous health systems and healthcare organizations to streamline the job search function by taking over the interview process and candidate screening so your team can focus on patient care.

Let us find more than just the candidate that matches your job description! We'll source the right talent with the right skill sets and cultural fit for your open medical positions.

However, recruiting your own healthcare staff can be challenging, which is why using healthcare
recruiting services is such a good choice.

Recruiters can help you do it.

Healthcare Staffing Considerations

Hiring qualified healthcare professionals means dealing with several factors that are unique to this essential industry.

First, health facilities typically have a relatively high turnover rate. Healthcare is a demanding and stressful field, with people’s lives on the line daily. Many healthcare workers love their jobs but find it highly stressful. When you add bureaucracy and government regulations on top of everything, it can be difficult to keep your office properly staffed.

Some estimate that turnover in the healthcare field is as much as 20%. And that number was determined before the global pandemic that decimated healthcare facility staffing and pushed those remaining to their limits.

Second, the US has a persistent shortage of qualified healthcare professionals. Demand for healthcare employees – from physicians to nurse practitioners to food services workers – is high and always on the rise.

Even before COVID-19 hit, demand for healthcare employees was higher than the supply. It’s estimated there’s a shortage of 40,000 workers today and a 130,000 shortage by 2030.

The pandemic exacerbated an existing healthcare staffing problem across the healthcare industry, and this presents several challenges for healthcare professional recruiting. But, it also presents an opportunity for healthcare recruiters.

Staffing shortages are a common problem in the healthcare industry. This is especially true in certain areas of the healthcare industry, such as nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. If your business is looking to fill positions in these areas, it’s important to know where the best opportunities are for staffing in healthcare.

The most in-demand positions in the healthcare industry right now are nurses and doctors. There is a high demand for nurses in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Nurses are responsible for providing care to patients and helping them recover from illnesses or injuries. Nurses also play an important role in educating patients about their health conditions and helping them to make informed decisions about their care.

Doctors are responsible for diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries. They also play a key role in educating patients about their health conditions and helping them to make informed decisions about their care. There is a high demand for doctors in both rural and urban areas.

There is also a high demand for medical assistants, lab technicians, X-ray technicians, and other medical professionals in the healthcare industry. If your business is looking to fill positions in these areas, it’s important to know where the best opportunities are for staffing in healthcare.

The last issue with medical recruiting is most workers need some kind of medical certification or credentialing to start working. Healthcare is a highly regulated field and most employees need specific degrees and accreditation to begin work.

Healthcare Recruiter Services Can Boost Your Candidate Pool

With the multiple challenges involved in recruiting healthcare talent, it’s understandable that many employers rely on a healthcare staffing agency to help fill their vacancies. The biggest benefit of partnering with a healthcare staffing agency is it’s entirely focused on finding the best employees for your organization. The job of a healthcare recruiter is to find you the most qualified candidates. It’s a full-time job, and one your healthcare recruiter does well. Other benefits of healthcare recruiting services are:

Expert Screening

Healthcare staffing agencies are highly accomplished in screening and sourcing healthcare employees. Most are specialized in the healthcare recruiting field and speak the healthcare language that people in this field use every day. Whether you need a physician, midlevel, nurse, or line worker, your staffing agency will send you the most vetted and qualified job candidates. This is a big time-saver for your organization and ensures you’ll bring in the best healthcare job candidates with minimal effort on your end.

The Right Expertise And Tools

Healthcare recruitment goes far beyond job ads these days. There are many healthcare forums and platforms where job candidates can communicate directly with healthcare recruiters and also post their resumes.
If your organization only uses job ads to source employees, you may be unnecessarily limiting the talent pool. A healthcare recruiter has the specific tools and expertise to find the job candidates you need by accessing a wide variety of employment platforms.

Your recruiting agency is also highly flexible and can help you find permanent, part-time, or contract healthcare employees. Many organizations use a staffing agency to find temporary employees to ‘try them out,’ then hire them full-time at the conclusion of their trial period.

Wide Variety Of Job Candidates

A healthcare staffing agency can deliver a broad array of job candidates for all kinds of healthcare roles. Your staffing agency can cast a wider net than you can and even double the size of the job network you source from. If your organization is trying to fill a hard-to-fill job, the healthcare recruiting agency will probably have the experience with sourcing that type of worker. Again, they’re experts in the field and can usually steer you in the right direction faster than if you did it yourself.

Faster Results

A healthcare recruiting service is usually faster in finding qualified and screened job candidates for you to interview. If you have an available physician opening and need it staffed yesterday, it’s smart to work with a recruiting agency. They can almost always find the right employee faster than you can. Because your staffing agency produces faster results, you can avoid staffing shortages that lead to patient care issues and employee burnout.

Staffing for Healthcare Leaders

Not all the ideal healthcare candidates are currently job seekers looking to fill your open positions. That’s why your healthcare staffing agency will focus on hunting for passive job candidates. They may not be actively looking for a new role, but they could bite if the right opportunity presents itself.

If you are in a tight labor market, finding the best passive job candidates for your healthcare job openings is important to keep your facility ahead of the pack. But looking for solid passive job candidates is time-consuming and most healthcare staff don’t have the resources to do the job.

Your dedicated healthcare recruiter is an expert in cultivating passive job candidate leads and is able to source the right person, will the exact skill set that will make you and your team genuinely impressed. When staffing for open positions in health care, it is important to keep in mind that the best talent may take some time to source.

Consider these indirect benefits of partnering with medical recruiters for your healthcare organization:

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If you are part of a small healthcare organization, working with a staffing agency means the team can devote its time to clinical care and enhancing operations. Usually, working with a staffing firm means your healthcare staff can work more with patients, which is what healthcare is supposed to be about in the first place.

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Finding excellent healthcare employees is hard work, and remember that healthcare burnout is only one of the staffing challenges faced by the human resources department at nearly all healthcare organizations across the country. Instead of having your overworked staff handling yet another role, hiring a staffing agency can improve your team’s work-life balance and make you more efficient.

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In a field as demanding as healthcare, you need to partner with qualified and quality healthcare recruiters whose full-time job is to find the best healthcare candidates for your open positions. By choosing a healthcare recruiting service, you’re making an active choice to source the best employees for your healthcare teams. Contact one of our dedicated healthcare recruiters today!