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Manufacturing remains a booming industry in the United States, growing at an unprecedented rate. By 2022, it’s expected to amount to more than $7.96 trillion.

Whether you make plastic products, food products, parts for the auto industry, electornic components, you need real, experienced, talented people to maintain operations. can help you do it

The Recruiting Problem
in Manufacturing

Manufacturing are facing a recruiting crisis

It's getting harder and harder to find qualified people to fill your open positions. When your positions go unfilled, your productivity suffers, team morale begins to weaken, and your entire organization becomes existential threatened.

One option is to step up your recruiting efforts internally, creating and posting better job ads, improving the presentation of your brand, reaching out to a greater number of people, and being open to training and onboarding a wider spectrum of potential candidates. But this is hard for several reasons.

Additionally, there's a shortage of skilled laborers suitably equipped for working in the manufacturing industry. If you want to be successful with manufacturing recruiting, you need to be prepared to find a way to deal with this. That could mean improving your candidate targeting, investing in a bigger marketing or advertising strategy, or being willing to educate and train new people.

Another, more efficient option is to use manufacturing staffing services.

But what are the benefits?

Benefits of Using Manufacturing Recruiting
Services for Manufacturing Staffing

These are some of the top benefits of using manufacturing recruiting services:

Solutions for your unique

With a recruiting company, you'll be able to find and implement solutions that fit your unique company needs.

A one-stop shop for
recruiting needs

Instead of trying to piece together a strategy bit by bit, you can work with one designated authority and tackle all your needs simultaneously.

Consistent, reliable

Recruiting agencies are incentivized to give you the results you want; for most manufacturers, that means enjoying a stream of consistent, reliable new candidates.

A safety focused

Safety is usually the highest priority in a manufacturing business. We take safety seriously, and preferentially choose candidates with excellent safety records and ample safety knowledge

High-tech tools

With the right recruiter, you'll gain access to high-tech tools that make recruiting faster and more cost efficient.

Experts and advice

Recruiting agencies are stacked with experienced recruiting experts, all of whom can provide you the advice and solutions you need to succeed.

Faster turnaround

You'll fill your manufacturing positions faster with a recruiting agency then you can on your own.

Upskilling and reskilling

For some candidates, we offer upskilling and reskilling services. Essentially, that means we educate and train candidates so they’re ready for your specific manufacturing environment.

Reporting and proof of value

You don’t have to take a recruiting agency’s word for it. Their results should speak for themselves, but you’ll also gain access to in-depth reports and analytics proving the value of your recruiting agency (or helping you understand what strategic changes you need to make).

Types of Manufacturing Jobs
We Help You Fill

These are some of the manufacturing jobs we can help you fill


General Labor Jobs

We can help you find assemblers, pickers, packers, material handlers, and more.

Specialized machine operators.

Forklift operators, truck loaders and unloaders, and other specialized machine operators are tough to find – we can help you recruit them!

Compliance and safety

Compliance specialists, safety inspectors, and other compliance and safety roles are indispensable.

Administration and operations

We can also help you find administration and operations roles, like inventory managers, estimators, and quality control specialists.

The Advantages of

At, we offer advantages that other recruiters can't.

A dedicated account manager

When you reach out to, we'll pair you with a dedicated account manager who will be ready to answer all your questions and help design the perfect strategy for your needs

Customized solutions

We don't sell a generic, out of the box solution that presumably works universally. Instead, we create customized solutions for our manufacturing clients, putting in place exactly the tools, systems, and processes you need to achieve your goals.

Faster turnarounds

We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds, filling your open manufacturing positions as quickly as possible

Reasonable costs

If you're working with a limited budget, you should know we offer reasonable costs for our services, giving you the power to fill the manufacturing roles you need without ruining your finances in the meantime.

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