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Artificial intelligence (AI) can help to speed up the process by automating some of the tasks that are traditionally done by humans, such as reviewing resumes […]

The hiring process can be long and drawn out, and oftentimes it feels like the only communication candidates receive is when they don’t get the job. […]

There is no question that women are a valuable asset in the workplace. In fact, companies that employ more women tend to be more successful. However, […]

Employee benefits are an important part of any workplace. They can help to attract new employees, keep current employees happy, and improve the overall productivity of […]

In recent years, the trend of gamifying has swept across a variety of different industries. Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists and […]

Remote staffing for healthcare | Staffing Challenges in Healthcare for medical staffing – The healthcare industry is currently facing a talent shortage, as many professionals are […]

For many years now, businesses have put their time and money into odd workplace perks in an attempt to be unique from their competition, attract, and […]

It’s important to hire workers for their expertise, but it’s always critical to remember hiring for soft skills, as well. Because many people can learn cloud […]