Plymouth, Minnesota Recruiting & Staffing Agency

We are a full-service staffing firm that specializes in the placement of temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire employees. We offer a wide range of services, including professional search firms, job fairs, negotiation, and placement services.

At Plymouth Recruiting & Staffing Agency, we work with a variety of industries and clients across the country. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about what they do and love to engage with candidates and clients alike.

We have been serving Plymouth, MN and the surrounding areas for many years. We have built our company on a foundation of honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on hiring people who are great to work with, who will be a great fit for your team and your organization.

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Our recruiters are intelligent, creative people who can speak to the needs of employers and candidates alike. They know how to find the right candidates for your open positions, and they have experience working with clients across industries. Our recruiters are experts at identifying candidates who are a perfect fit for your company’s culture and its unique position in the market — no matter how big or small your company is.

You can be sure that a fantastic team will collaborate with you to find your next exceptional hire!

A Premier Staffing & Recruiting Agency for Plymouth, Minnesota Businesses

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We believe that the right person for the right job is more important than any other factor. We understand that quality is a key component of success. Our experienced recruiters are trained to find the best candidates for your open positions and have access to a network of skilled professionals who can help you when you need them most.

Our clients consider us as their one-stop resource for all staffing needs. We have years of experience working with companies that are looking to hire new employees. The vast majority of our applicants come from within the area and we have an excellent track record of placing candidates from Plymouth Minnesota businesses into positions that are well suited for them. 

We are confident that our staff will exceed your expectations. We also specialize in providing temporary or permanent placement solutions for businesses in Plymouth, Minnesota, including contract employees and temp-to-hire positions.

The Power of Recruiting & Staffing Services

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? At, we specialize in staffing and recruiting solutions for businesses.

Types of Jobs We Fill

These are some of the most common sales positions we fill:



We have expertise in placing skilled people in all sectors of the marketing industry, from entry-level positions to senior management. We have a proven track record of success and are pros at finding the best candidate for each role. We are able to locate the ideal individual for any position using our huge database of applicants.


Before we contact any of our applicants, we first screen them to make sure they fulfill your needs. In order to provide you with the finest service possible at all times, we only deal with applicants whose abilities and expertise are a great match for your needs. Candidates that can contribute to your success are selected for the position based on their experience, education, and talents.



We are the top staffing firm for the legal sector. In all facets of the legal sector, from paralegals to solicitors and all in between, we place highly qualified individuals. We are quite knowledgeable about the legal industry and the intricate dynamics that surround it. Our recruiters work together with you to comprehend how your credentials complement the abilities of our applicants.


We are a group of committed professionals that are aware of the need and demand for administrative professionals with the necessary training. We have collaborated with a wide range of businesses across the nation to place skilled people in their ideal fields of employment. Our objective is to provide our clients with knowledgeable, skilled, and professional staff members to assist them in managing their organizations effectively.

The Unique Value of for Recruiting & Staffing

At, we can help you find the right people to fill your open positions and provide them with the training they need to be successful:

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We are expert

We are experts in the jobs that you need to fill. We know what skills are required for each job, and we can connect you with the right talent for your company.

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We choose quality over quantity

We set high standards for ourselves and our partners. We are committed to providing only the best candidates for your position. We ensure that every candidate we provide you with has the skills and experience required for the role you have posted.

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We are reliable

We strive to offer quality service at all times, by keeping our promises and delivering on time. Our clients depend on us to deliver the quality of service that they expect from us, so we make sure we always deliver this standard of service.

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We always go above and beyond to make sure that every client is treated with respect and professionalism throughout their job search or recruitment process.

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